All Project Budget Summary

This document was created to share the information about all project summary of the CURVC Project Budget add-ons.

Table of Contents

All Project Budget Summary

CURVC Project Budget provides a summary of the entire project on which budget management is enabled.

Before you begin

To enable project budget management, you must have the following permissions:

  • Project budget administrator

You can set permissions in the following guides:

Selected Projects

In Selected Projects, you can select the project for which you want to check the budget.

To select Project, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the upper Budget menu.
  2. Project budget> Summary menu.
  3. At the right end, select Selected projects.
  4. Select the project you want to select.

The following figure shows an example of Selected Projects.

Figure. All project summary

Planned vs. Executed

Planned vs. Executed represents the budget executed against the planned budget of the entire selected project. Here's a description of the rows on the left:

  • Labor costs
    Represents the sum of individual hourly wages for Worklog.
  • Expenses
    Represents the sum for a separate Expense other than Worklog.
  • Total
    It represents the sum of labor cost and Expense.

The description of the right entry is as follows:

  • Planned budget
    Represents a planned budget.
  • Execute budget
    Represents the budget that has been executed so far.
  • Remaining budget
    Represents the total budget remaining.

The following figure shows Planned vs. Projected Summary in the selected projects.

Figure. All Project Summary

Budget dashboard

The Budget dashboard shows a variety of charts of budget execution in the selected project scope. Currently supported charts are:

  • Budget trends
    Represents a cumulative chart of monthly budget execution.
  • Monthly trends
    Represents Monthly Executed Labor costs and Expenses.
  • Labor costs by type
    Displays the labor costs for each issue type.
  • Expenses by type
    Expense Indicates cost spent per type.

The following figure shows an example of the Budget dashboard.