All Project Worklogs

This document was created to share information about all project worklog list in the CURVC Project Budget add-on.

Table of Contents

All Project Worklogs

Worklog List

Worklog List shows the result of converting the Worklog written in the issue in the selected whole project to the cost per user. The Sum area shows the total sum of the current list.

The following figure shows an example of a complete Worklog List.

Figure. All Project Worklog List

Worklog Search

You can quickly and easily search for desired results in the Worklog List. The following shows searchable items.

  • Projects
    Select the project for which you want to query Worklog.
  • Assignee
    You can search for Worklog contacts by selecting them.
  • Start Date
    Worklog Creation date can be retrieved by start date.
  • End Date
    Worklog Creation date can be retrieved by end date.
  • Worklogs per page
    Indicates the number of lists to display on one page.