All Project Expenses

This document was created to share information about all project expense list in the CURVC Project Budget add-on.

Table of Contents

All Project Expenses

Expense List

In the Expense List, you can see the Expense list of the selected project among the whole projects.

The following figure shows an example of Expense List.

Figure. All Project Expense List

Expense Search

You can retrieve the desired result from the Expense List. The following shows searchable items.

  • Projects
    Expense Select the project you want to view.
  • Account
    You can search by selecting specific account subjects.
  • Assignee
    You can select and search for the person who spent Expense.
  • Start Date
    Expense The date of consumption can be retrieved based on the start date.
  • End Date
    Expense You can search for consumption days by end date.
  • Expenses per page
    Indicates the number of lists to display on one page.