Format configuration

This document was created to share information for setting Global Format in CURVC Project Budget add-on.

Table of Contents

Format settings

In CURVC Project Budget, you can set the format for the following items:

  • Set currency sign(symbol)
  • Set currency sign(symbol) position
  • Set separate numbers
  • Set decimal length
  • Set grouping separator
  • Set decimal separator
  • Set date format

Follow the procedure below to edit the format in CURVC Project Budget.

  1. Log in as the Jira System Administators user.
  2. On the top menu, click Add-ons.
  3. Under Project budget, select Format.
  4. Select the Edit button in the upper right corner of the format setting.
  5. When the display formats window appears, refer to the following and click the Update button.

Figure. Edit format

Set currency sign(symbol)

The currency sign setting can be input as a String. Type in symbols, such as WON and $.

Currency sign(symbol) position

The currency sign can be set to either forward or backward.

  • Front
    The currency sign set at the top is displayed in the forward direction.
    ex) $ 100
  • End
    The currency sign set at the top is displayed behind.
    ex) 100 $

Separate numbers

Numbers can be grouped into 3 digits or 4 digits.

  • none - do not group
  • 3 - Group with 3 digits
    ex) 123,123,123
  • 4 - Group with 4 digits
    ex) 1234,1234,1234

Decimal length

You can set the number of decimal length.

  • none - not expressed
  • 1-digit representation
    ex) 12.1
  • 2 - two digit representation
    ex) 12.12
  • 3-digit representation
    ex) 12.123

Grouping separator

You can select a separator to identify a numeric group.

  • Comma (,)
  • Dot (.)
  • Space

Decimal separator

You can select a separator to identify the decimal point.

  • Comma (,)
  • Dot (.)

Date format

The date format is in the JQuery Date format. Please refer to the following example.

  • yy-MM-dd: 2018-January-06
  • y-M-d: 18-Jan-6
  • y-mm-d: 18-01-6
  • M-d-yy: Jan-6-2018
  • M d yy: Jan 6 2018

Figure. Display format