TESTaide Overview

What is TESTaide

TESTaide is a UI test automation solution that can easily implement manual and automated testing for web applications.

Most software development organizations understand the benefits of writing automated tests with code and performing them automatically. However, they often struggle with the environment in which to write and maintain test code. TESTaide provides a way for development or test teams to easily write and execute test code and maintain it in conjunction with changes in requirements, enabling them to maintain high quality with minimal effort.

TESTaide has features that are easy for users to understand and use for creating testing plans for web applications which can be executed manually or automatically. By using TESTaide to test applications, users can identify bugs and issues earlier in the development cycle, which is beneficial as it allows for quick fixes before the issues become more serious. Ultimately, using TESTaide helps ensure that the software being developed is of the highest quality.


  • Simulate individual systems with TESTaide environments to maintain broad testing availability across multiple systems.

  • You can create manual test plans that are text-based step-by-step instructions for testing a web application, displaying the expected results, and indicating any required data needed for the test scenario.

  • You can also create automatic test plans using Python-based test scenarios that automate results by utilizing the testing framework Selenium.

  • Get Instant notifications to Slack and/or E-mail with alerts of test plan executions & results.

  • Add iterations of test cases to perform tests in the order you define and create scenarios for your test.

  • Easily create multiple test cases through the Excel sheet importing function as well as group test cases that are frequently executed together in the TESTaide test suites.

  • By integrating your own Jira application, you can easily create Jira requirements & issues with associating them to test cases directly in TESTaide allowing you to confirm the results of each test run for test plan.


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Release Name



Release date


ODI Test Manager



Jan 28, 2021


TESTaide Professional Edition



Feb 15, 2021


TESTaide Azure Marketplace Release



Mar 31, 2023