End User License Agreement

EULA - End User License Agreement

Please note that the terms of this end user license agreement shall govern your use of the software regardless of any terms that may appear during the installation of the software. 

IMPORT – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: By downloading, installing, or using the software, you (the individual or legal entity) agree to be bound by and accept the terms of this end user license agreement (EULA) for licensed software from CURVC Corp.(CURVC) If you do not agree to the terms of this EULA, you must not download, install, or use the software, and you must delete or return the unused software to the vendor from which you acquired it within thirty (30) days and request a refund of the license fee, if any, that you paid for the software.

The effective date of this EULA is the day you first download, install or use the software.


CURVC give you the right to use this software in accordance with the terms of this agreement. You may install and operated this software on your computer system. You may not save any of the installation files of this software on your network or file server for the purposes of performing additional installations using these copies. When this software is stored on your systems’ main memory or other storage devices, it is assumed that you are using the software and that the software has been installed from the original media. If this software is installed on a network server, you must purchase a quantity of License of this software equal to the numbers if users. You may not give your software installation information to any other person.


If you upgrade this software, your right to use the original version is transferred to the new version. This right is based on the condition that you are not using both versions simultaneously. In addition, you any not transfer, land of sell the old version to another person. If any software not owned by CURVC was provided with the old version you retain the right to use these additions after you upgrade.


The copyright and intellectual property rights of this software are owned by CURVC and are protected by the copyright laws of the Republic of Korea and international intellectual property right treatise. Therefore, you may not copy any portion of this software in any form, except to use this software in accordance with the terms of this agreement or to make one copy for backup purposes. You may not alter the software in any way. If copies of the documentations must be made, you should make them in printed form only.


You acknowledge that you have read and understand this EULA and that you agree to its terms. You acknowledge that this agreement has priority over any other engagement, advertisement, or other written agreement which precedes it.


CURVC, in warrants that all contents of this software for 90 days from the date of purchase. If defects are found, and proved to have caused in the course of production CURVC will replace the software for you. To be eligible for a replacement you must prove that the 90 days warranty period has not expired. If damage has resulted from abuse, incorrect installation or use by you, CURVC is not responsible for replacement. CURVC does not warrant that using this software will fit a user’s particular purpose, and is not liable for any damages caused by the use of this software.

Copyright (c) 2019. CURVC Corp. All rights reserved.