System Requirements

This document provides information on the software and infrastructure you’ll need to run TESTaide. If a particular platform or a particular platform's version is not noted on this document, then we do not support it for TESTaide.



Software requirements

TESTaide supported platforms are as follows.


Operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Linux

  • Mac OS X

Application server

  • We only support the Tomcat version that is bundled with your TESTaide version. You can't run TESTaide in your own application server.


When evaluating TESTaide, you can use the embedded H2 database included in the TESTaide installation, but you will need to migrate to a supported external database once you are ready to roll TESTaide out to your team.


The embedded H2 database is for evaluation only. For production sites, you'll need to use one of the supported external databases as follows.

  • Embedded H2  (evaluation use only)

  • PostgreSQL 9.6 or above 

  • MySQL 5.7.x or above

  • Oracle 12c R1 (available soon)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 (available soon)


  • Oracle JRE / JDK Java 8

  • AdoptOpenJDK Java 8

  • (Java 11 or later version are not supported)


The minimum supported resolution is 1024 * 768, and the supported browsers are as follows.

  • Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

Hardware requirements

For the use of TESTaide, at least the following hardware is required.






4 Core or above


8G or above


5G or above